It breathes with you
Sweats with you
It’s got you covered
It’s your skin
And you need it in your corner
If you work hard in training, the fight is easy
Every contender knows
Training is everything
Our performance skincare products train your skin
Because our skin is our self-confidence
Champions know confidence is key to victory - whatever ring you are in
See you in the ring


About American Boxer

The American Boxer® is a performance Skincare brand inspired by the world of boxing, a sport founded on the principles of discipline, resilience, artfulness and agility. We believe that these characteristics live in all of us and that if we choose to harness them, we are capable of anything. We celebrate Contenders who transform adversity into opportunity. We offer premium Skincare products that are designed for performance and simplicity.

The Bee

Our logo stands for resilience, community and harmony – taking cues from the hive, a superorganism that can withstand immense adversity through the coordinated actions of individuals. We share the conviction that when we work together, we become stronger. We train and develop the strength to survive everything that is thrown at us in the ring and in life.

Our Story

The American Boxer® was founded in 2020, a time of uncertainty and isolation. The world was on the ropes. In the face of this adversity, a group of like minded individuals came together to create a new line of products that could support and inspire confidence in others – starting with skin. Because skin is connected to confidence and confidence is key to success. We’re united by an apolitical belief that America still stands for the freedom to pursue your dreams. And we share the values of agility, artfulness and resilience that are embodied by the world of boxing.

Life Is The Ring

Whatever our background or situation, life can throw punches. From the moment the bell rings. But we’re not in it alone. There is a reason that people refer to sparring ‘partners’. Two individuals who are helping each other improve, learn and become stronger. In the world of boxing this extends to a community of trainers, coaches, mentors, partners – all working to support one another. We admire the competitive spirit, bravery and skill of all who step into the ring, no matter the outcome. Because life is a ring. There are times we need to step up and face our biggest fears. There are times we need to pick ourselves up off the canvas. And there are times we are victorious.

Our Community - We First™

There is an expression in boxing ‘Be First’, which means to lean in and take the initiative. We believe in ‘We First’, and have taken this on as a rallying cry for our team, our partners and for all who use our products. We welcome you into our community to find inspiration, share your stories and belong. Our mission is to create a world for Contenders, whatever ring you are in. Come join us. 

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