Do you know where your T-zone is? Or even what your T-zone is? Skincare experts, influencers and bloggers often toss around the phrase ‘T-zone’ as though it’s something everyone knows about. 

Simply put, your T-zone is your forehead and your nose—which, if highlighted, make a T shape on your face. This area of your face produces more sebum, or oil, and tends to be where you’re the shiniest, oiliest, and most breakout-prone.


Why does your T-zone matter? First, knowing that your T-zone may respond to products slightly differently helps you hone your skincare routine to reduce your chances of breakouts. Additionally, that T-zone area is helpful because it helps determine the type of skin you have. 

  • Oily skin: Your whole face tends to feel oily, look shiny and be prone to breakouts
  • Dry skin: Your whole face tends to feel tight and dry
  • Combination: Your cheeks and chin are prone to dryness, but your nose and forehead are often oily/shiny 
  • Sensitive: Your T-zone may respond to products differently than skin on your cheeks or chin

Is everyone’s T-zone oily? People with combination skin will find this area is noticeably oily compared to the rest of their skin. Not everyone will have a more oily T-zone, but typically, if you have combination skin (meaning some is oily and some is dry) then the oily part will likely be in that T-zone area. People with oily or dry skin may not notice a difference between their T-zone and other skin on their faces, or may notice that the area is slightly more prone to breakouts. 

Should you skip moisturizer on an oily T-zone? Absolutely not. The irony of moisturizer is people with oily skin tend to think that their skin absolutely doesn’t need more moisture to it, when really, their skin is more oily because it’s moisture-starved. All skin types, from dry to oily, can benefit from moisturizer. However, those with oily skin should look for lighter moisturizers that don’t contain additional heavy oils. (The American Boxer Everyday Hydrating Face Moisturizer, for instance, keeps your skin moisturized but doesn’t contain oil.)

How should you take care of an oily T-zone? Stick with a consistent skincare routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing in the morning and in the evening. But those with an oily T-zone may want to add in an extra swipe of The American Boxer’s Revitalizing Face Toner in that area post-workout to help tone down shine and keep oil at bay.