If you want to fight the signs of aging, start by throwing out your old skincare products!

Question: Do you have a face wash or moisturizer that’s been sitting on the counter since the John Wick franchise was still in single digits? Is it so old that it’s crusted over? Maybe a girlfriend bought you some skincare products for Christmas back in 2019 and you definitely meant to use them… but somehow, they ended up under the sink collecting dust. Now you’re starting to appreciate what good skincare can do for your outward appearance, and your inner confidence. Maybe you’re thinking about pulling out that serum you got as a sample back in 2015. Good news: It’s never too late to start taking care of your skin. Bad news: Most skincare products do, in fact, expire or become less effective over time. 

Can skincare products go bad?

Yes. Skincare rarely becomes unsafe over time, but it does become less effective. Preservatives break down. Contact with grimy fingers can cause impurities, and direct sunlight can dilute the effects of certain products. 
Here are a few ways that old skincare can go bad. 

  1. It’s older than 4 Square: At some point, active ingredients start to lose their efficacy, becoming less potent as they slowly break down over time. 
  2. Airborne issues: You’ve used it and left it open to a variety of airborne bacteria, fungi and germs, which can use your moisturizer or face wash as a natural cozy habitat. 
  3. Icky fingers: The above can be made worse if your products are in a jar and you’ve been dipping in a finger to scoop out product, which can introduce skin-borne impurities and bacteria.

The good news is that all of these issues are easy to address, and can help ensure that your men’s skincare regime gives you the results that you deserve. We’ve provided some tips below to help keep it clean and simple!

When should you throw out products?

If it’s older than the shelf life. If the odor or texture has changed from the first time you used it. We agree, it totally sucks to throw out skincare products, we’re here to help make sure you never have to do it again!

How can I Keep My Products Fresh?

Store in a cool location, out of direct sunlight. Wipe down your products regularly, especially around the nozzle where your finger comes in direct contact with the bottle. And wash your hands before use! 

To avoid issues with both airborne and skin borne bacteria, The American Boxer uses airless pumps to preserve the quality and efficacy of your KO Purifying Face Cleanser, Revitalizing Face Toner, Every Day Face Moisturizer and Anti Aging Face Serum products. 

Pro tip: Use your products regularly

When they’re used correctly (that is to say, every day!), you won’t have to stress that your products are losing potency, since you’re using them while they’re fresh. A daily routine will prevent you from wasting money on products that you end up tossing after a year of non-use! You can save your wallet and your skin at the same time!